Owners Manual Transporting Honda 1996 FOURTRAX TRX300

Posted by yogaku - January, 2011 at 16:23

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Transporting your FOURTRAX is one of important things. It has to be done carefully to avoid the damaging of this vehicle. When you transport the FOURTEEN, it is recommended that you carry the vehicle in its normal operating position complete with all the four wheels. Follow this procedures to do it :
1. Set the parking brake
2. Place the transmission in gear
3. Turn the fuel cap lever and fuel valve off
4. Secure the vehicle with tie downs in the areas shown. It is available from your Honda dealer. It doesn’t recommended to use the ordinary rope because it can stretch under load.

You have never using the tie downs in any other areas because it can damage your FOURTRAX. To see more details, take a look here to this Owners Manual Transporting Honda FOURTRAX TRX300.

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