Service Manuals and Tune Up Starlet GT Turbo – Glanza

Posted by Joseph - December, 2010 at 16:42

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True enough. In its standard form, and the Toyota Starlet Turbo is one of the Most machines are quiet on the road. Unlike the speedy Ford, his brother or other  Spirit, and the Renault 5 GT Turbo, it looks like something from the nurse can perform. But under the hood is enough to a fire engine and a very stable The car. ‘It’s Japan’s version of the Fiesta RS Turbo really,’ says Chi-Wang Kwan, a huge grin plastered over his face. ‘But nobody knows what it is.’

The bad-boy Starlet has been around since 1987, when it was a rather more boxy affair than the car you see here.  Encrusted with a body kit which gained no points for subtlety, it packed a 1295cc, single-cam, 12-valve four-pot of unusual violence. Thanks to an inte-rcooled turbocharger, it treated psychotic Tokyo commuters to 111bhp to shift its bantam 790kg weight. You had to wring 6000rpm out of it first, though. Peak torque of 111lb ft arrived much sooner, at just 3600rpm.

Between 1990 and 1995, at which point it gained a touch more weight and became more noticeably sporting in style, the Starlet GT Turbo enjoyed its best incarnation and its halcyon days. The astoundingly bland styling concealed a 1331cc, 16-valve twin-cam four-pot. The inter-cooled turbo was present and correct, and gave it 133bhp at an eye-watering 6400rpm. Heavy-hitting torque was still available at around-town revs, and the weight had only crept up to 830kg. Sixty mph? You’ll be there in 6.9 seconds, sir. And if you like to live on the  edge you can get it to 130mph.

download here for setting and tune up Toyota Starlet GT Turbo – Glanza 4E-FTE L4 1331cc EFI DOHC 16valve

Starlet GT Turbo – Glanza
Made in : Japan
Model code : EP91
Grade : GLANZA V Manufacture:1997 / Jan
Mileage : 64,000km
Color : Black Metallic
Manufacture : 1997 / Jan
Mileage : 64,000km
Color : Black Metallic

CC : 1300
Fuel : Petrol
Gear : 5MT
Driving system : FF
Door : 3

Features :
High / Low mode
Boost adjustable Turbo
Power steering
Power window
Air bag
Center locking
Leather padded steering
Leather padded shift knob
Electric retractable mirror
Rain door visors
Toyota Cassette Radio
PIAA Wiper Blade
Blue color center panel
Car : Toyota Starlet GT Turbo
Engine : 4E-FTE L4 1331cc EFI DOHC 16valve
Aspiration : Toyota ct-9 Turbocharger (CT-9A)
Output : 133hp @ 6400rpm (100kw @6400rpm)
Torque 16.0kgm @ 4800rpm (157Nm @4800rpm)
0-100 km/h : (0- 60 mph) 6.9 Seconds
Redline : 7200 rpm
Boost Settings : (Dual-mode Turbo) 0.40bar (@6psi) @ LO setting – 0.65bar (@9.5psi) @ HI setting
Dry Weight : 830 kg
Transmission/ Axle : C52 -522
LSD : C52 -523
Compression Ratio : 8.2:1
Bore & Stroke : 74 x 77.4
Injectors : 4 x 295cc/min
Turbo Model : CT-9
Factory Boost : 0.40bar(5psi)Lo – 0.65bar(9psi)HiEngine Oil : Castrol Formula R Synthetic 10W-60 : 5000km intervals
Oil Filter : TRD (Toyota Race Development) Sports oil
filter : 5000km intervals – Product code #90915-SP000
Transmission Fluid/ Oil : Castrol Syntrax 75W/90 Synthetic Manual
transmission fluid : 10000km intervals
Brake and Clutch Fluid : Castrol Super Disc DOT 5.1 Brake fluid : 2000km / annual intervals
Fuel Filter : OEM (Toyota) standard replacement part #
23300- 19245 : 10000km intervals

Air Filter Element : OEM Toyota (# 17801 – 11050) : Replace with
K&N OEM re-usable Replacement product # 33-
2634 (if you dont want pod modification) : at
20000km intervals – K&N re-usable pod filter
(filtercharge option) Product # FC-0183 Clean
ever 20000km with K&N cleaning kit product #

Turbocharger Oil Feed Pipe : Clean out at 10000km intervals
Engine Coolant (Radiator) : Castrol Engine Coolant : Replace at 10000km intervals
SparkPlugs and Leads : NGK “BKR-6EP” Laser Platinum plugs -Magnecor 48326 8mm Leads : Check / replace plugs at 10000km intervals
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