User Manual Features Of The Samsung SVR Series of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

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This is a unit of a digital video recording and playback device. This unit is designed to record image and video input from 32/16/9 channels to its built-in hard disk. Like a mouse in the computer, the buttons on the front of the unit allow easy setup and operation.

The Samsung SVR series of digital video recorders (DVRs) provide additional safety and security to banks, apartment buildings and complexes, government offices as well as other public, private and commercial facilities. You can get the high quality video and images recording that can be stored on the hard disk for later retrieval or playback. Other interesting and important features also embedded here. These are the details informations about it.

Monitoring Screen
The monitoring screen supports high-definition live visual feed from each channel, vivid and also provides multiple screens.
* Real-time MPEG-4 visual output (480 frames)
Multiple split-screen monitoring modes
SVR-3200/1680/1660/1645: Single, 4, 9, 10, 16
SVR-960/945: Single, 4, 9
* Automatic Screen Switching (AUTO)
* Supports various monitor output modes
SVR-3200 : 4 Composite , 2 VGA
SVR-1680 : 4 Composite, 1 VGA
SVR-1660/1645/960/945 : 2 Composite, 1 VGA
* Pan/Tilt, Digital Zoom, PIP (Picture-In-Picture)

Audio Recording
These are the features supporting real-time audio input and recording
* Simultaneous recording of 16/9 channels audio input in real time
SVR-3200/1680/1660/1645 : Input – 16 channels (4 RCA in rear, 12 D-SUB)
Output – 1 in rear
SVR-960/945 : 9 channels (4 RCA in rear, 5 D-SUB), Output – 1 in rear
* Supports simultaneous recording and playback

Video Recording
The video recording features that embedded in this product are:
* High quality real-time MPEG-4 recording
* Three screen resolution levels for improved control over data size
* Multi-recording function for manual and schedule events
* Simultaneous recording/playback/backup/networking operation capacity
* Easily accessible options for channel-specific resolution and motion detection ranges
* Per-second frame rates (up to 30 frames per channel) are user customizable
SVR-3200 : Half D1 (704×240) 960fps
SVR-1680 : D1 (704×480) 480fps
SVR-1660/1645 : CIF (352×240) 480fps
SVR-960/945 : CIF (352×240) 270fps
* Manual and schedule recording function
* Video loss detection function
* Event (Sensor, D-I/O, Video loss, Motion detection, Text) log
* Each channels can support pre-emptive recording sequences up to 5 seconds prior to an actual event

Search Playback
Various search and playback options are offered for the user’s convenience.
* Playback by time, date and channel
* Mouse interface increases data searchability
* Forward/backward search functions in pause
* Playback by event (Sensor, Video loss, Motion detection and Text) log
* Remote controller and Jog/Shuttle function further improve searching
(The SVR-960/945 models do not support Jog/Shuttle.).
* Full-frame playback (available in SVR-3200/1680/1660 only)

Data Storage
This product is also completed with a hard disk. If the user desires, the recorded data can be stored to DVD-R, CD-R or USB.
*  As a basic supply item, A built-in hard disk has been provided
* Multiple portable data storage media are supported: DVD-R, CD-R and USB
* Hard disk expansion device(External recording device) : SVS-5E (Option as exclusive device) External hard disk expansion is supported with SVS-5E (Available for purchase)

The product supports LAN, xDSL and such networking capabilities. Combined with the PC
interface client, the core features of the device can be easily controlled from a distance.
* E-mails can be sent via TCP/IP or DHCP upon an event trigger
* Remote live visual feed (Single or 4 Partition)
* PC playback, storage, search and DVR control functions via Network Viewer
* Remote recording, search and playback scheduling functions
* Support 10/100Mbps Ethernet/xDSL
* Multiple DVR connection

Others Features that Embedded in This Product
* User-friendly GUI and mouse interface
* Simplified firmware upgrades with USB
* Visual data recording and backup to USB
* Supports PTZ control (SPEED DOME) and PRESET function
* Multilingual support : Korean, English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, etc.
* Single remote controller to control 16 DVRs

download here for User Manual Features Of The Samsung SVR Series of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs).

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